We connect your business to every smartphone

With our SmartTag we make your product or location interactive. Watch our video to learn more.

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TicTag offers solutions for your business

We help your company to give your customers an online experience in an offline environment. As easy as the click of a button your customers can:


Open a door or access an event


Start a video (tutorial)


Open a performance dashboard


Collect loyalty points

Open a door or access an event

No more company cards, plastic keycards or key handovers. Let your guests or employees enter your office, hotel room or their home with their phone. Just add TicTags SmartTag next to an electronic door/door lock or next to the tollgates at your venue. Manage all authorizations via your app or portal.


Check in, proof of attendance


Give information


Initiate a payment


Digital signature

How does it work?

TicTags SmartTag embeds a unique 5-point identifier which gives your product or location a unique ID. Your customer opens your app and selects the tag with his smartphone. Our plug&play software (integrated in your existing website or app) recognizes the ID. Our API sends this ID to your server/database. In your database you can label this ID with the name of your product or location.


Our Tag identifies your product or location. Your app identifies the user. Those two combined lets you give personal information, authorization or rewards to specific customers, visitors or employees.

How does it compare to other products?

The world is becoming more and more digital. But companies are struggling to connect the offline world with the online world. Current technologies are a hassle.

Our technology is the most intuitive and supports all smartphones. Also, it is important your customers keep control over their privacy.




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TicTag and Countr launch Buzzoek - a new digital stamp card

With Buzzoek customers can save for rewards online, by receiving a stamp on the screen of their phone. Collecting loyalty points has never been easier; no need to download an app or searching for paper cards. It’s smart, sustainable and simple!

TicTag haalt 300.000 euro op bij investeerders

TicTag ontwikkelt een nieuwe technologie om verbinding te leggen tussen de offline wereld en een smartphone. Met NFC, QR codes, Beacons, Internet of Things, vliegt de connectiviteit je om de oren. De nieuwe technologie is volgens CEO Pieter Heersink nodig, omdat de huidige technieken niet gebruiksvriendelijk zijn.

Mobiel gemak met slimme sticker

Waarom bankpasjes, spaarkaarten en sleutels meezeulen, als je een smartphone bij je hebt? Pieter Heersink vroeg het zich hardop af en ontdekte dat methoden als NFC en QR-codes niet voldoen als simpel en veilig betaal- en identificatiemiddel. Hij ontwikkelde een nieuwe methode: TicTag.

Tic-Tag opgepikt door Duitse pers

De vernieuwing in connectiviteit valt ook op buiten Nederland. Het Duitse Home & Smart schreef een artikel over Tic-Tag en de mogelijkheden van de SmartTag.


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